A Lot of Interest in Branding

19 10 2009

We had a full house at the Playhouse for Tracie Valentino’s talk about Branding.

The questions and discussion was lively, especially when she talked about branding your presence on social networking and gave Twitter as the example. Tracie Valentino of TracieDesigns

 If you missed the meeting, check out www.TracieDesigns.net or follow Tracie on Twitter @TracieDesigns.

“Social Networking in the Virtual and Real Worlds – Online and B2B (Belly to Belly)”

30 04 2009

Please join us for the next FINE meeting on Thursday, 5/21, 9AM-11AM, in the McManus Room of the Westport Library. The topic is “Social Networking in the Virtual and Real Worlds – Online and B2B (Belly to Belly)”.

Bette Lynn Paez will share some tips for making the most of face-to-face networking opportunities. It’s not about collecting a pocketful of business cards anymore. Ed Fitzgerald will discuss the effective use of Web 2.0 applications such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Meetup, and blogs that can be used as networking tools. He will explain what to do to get started and how to benefit from them without having to sit in front of the computer all day.

As a certified financial planner® with the Barnum Financial Group, an office of MetLife®, Bette Lynn teaches 4-5 financial education classes per month and attends 7-10 networking events each month.

Ed is a technology and web marketing specialist whose clients include Coldwell Banker and the agents in their Westport Riverside office. He has a broad background in technology and had been involved with the internet since the early days.

Hope to see you there. Feel free to invite friends and colleagues. More visitors mean more opportunities for us all to make business connections. Park in the rear on the upper level. Lower level parking is two hours and they do ticket. The Cafe should be open.

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