Next FINE Networking Meeting – July 10th – More on Social Networking

7 07 2014

Topic: More on Social Networking

Each attendee will share how they are using social media for their business, or if not using it, ask questions of the others. The discussion will be facilitated by Ed Fitzgerald, who has experience setting up and managing social media for real estate agents, and Sam Wexler who uses it for his business.

Time: Thursday July 10, 8:30-9:30am.

Location: Whole Foods, 350 Grasmere Avenue, Fairfield, next to Home Depot.

There is no charge for attending; the only cost is if you decide to buy breakfast or coffee.

FINE’s objective continues to be to provide a forum to “Meet People. Exchange Ideas. Grow Your Business”.

Please share this with your friends and colleagues. The more the merrier!

My Social Networking Success Story: I got an LinkedIn message recently asking me about the benefits of the group.  You never know when you meet someone who presents an opportunity for you. That happened to me and Nina Lesiga.  She attended the meeting a couple of months ago and now we are co-presenting on Traveling Solo and Travel Safety and working together to refer clients to each other. And it is all because we met at the FINE meeting. Come to the meeting, bring opportunities for others and look for opportunities for yourself!

Look forward to seeing you there!

Eva Greenwald



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