Next FINE Networking meeting is on July 18th

9 07 2013

The new format and location continues to be working.  Attendance increased again in June.

The next meeting is July 18th, 8:30AM.

Location: Whole Foods, 350 Grasmere Ave, Fairfield, next to Home Depot.

The meeting starts at 8:30 with a welcome, brief announcements, elevator speeches, then we open up to a general discussion of a theme related to using technology, the Web,  social media, etc. for marketing your business, improving productivity, operations, etc.

The meeting ends around 9:30, but you are free to stay and continue to network which some people have been doing.

If you would like to get there early to grab breakfast, coffee, do some pre-meeting networking, Whole Foods is open at 8AM and they have a breakfast buffet.

There is no charge for attending, the only cost is if you decide to buy breakfast or coffee.

FINE’s objective continues to be to provide a forum to “Meet People. Exchange Ideas. Grow Your Business”.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Ed and Bette Lynn



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