Next FINE Networking meeting is on June 20th

2 06 2013

FINE-LogoThe new format and location are working! Attendance doubled at the May meeting.

There were suggestions made and as a result we will be doing some tweaking.

Meetings will take place on the third Thursday like we used to do. There will be a theme or subject to discuss at each meeting, once the intros are done, and it will be “technology for business” related. We will be setting up the tables differently to make it easier for everyone to speak and hear one another and the piped in music will be turned off in the area we meet in.

We met the Fairfield Whole Foods (map) marketing person after the meeting. She is very happy that we willwhole foods in fairfield-sm be meeting there, was very welcoming and will be putting us in their newsletter of events.

The doors open at 8am, if you want to get there early to grab breakfast, coffee, do some pre-meeting networking. The meeting starts at 8:30 with a welcome, brief announcements if any, elevator speeches so everyone knows what each other does and is looking for, then we open up to a general discussion of the technology theme.

Meeting ends around 9:30, but anyone can hang around and continue to network. I didn’t leave until 10am, did some shopping, and saw about 5 or 6 people still there chatting.

There is no charge for attending, the only cost is if you decide to buy breakfast or coffee.

FINE’s objective continues to be to provide a forum to “Meet People. Exchange Ideas. Grow Your Business”.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Ed and Bette Lynn



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