Next FINE Meeting, Wednesday, October 10th

3 10 2012

“How YouTube can boost visitors to your website ….. and boost your bottom line, too!”

Search engine spiders  follow, or “crawl” throughout the Internet grabbing content from sites and adding it to search engine indexes.

One of the best ways to help your organic Google page rank is to make a series of short videos and post them on YouTube. Google, who owns YouTube, uses a variety of relevant “puzzle” pieces to determine your website’s page rank. YouTube is a very big piece of that puzzle.

Come and learn from Mac Pro, Steve Goethner, who will shoot a one minute video on a FINE attendee as part of his presentation.  He’ll explain what kind of equipment and software you need to use. Then he’ll explain how to upload the video to YouTube, talk about some of the important points to make it effective and adding it to your website and other places as well.

Steve will clear up the dos and don’ts in a fun, fact-filled workshop for attendees. You don’t need to be a Mac user to benefit.

If you are interested in being the one who is “shot” at the meeting, email Anne DiFrancesco,, owner of A&M Studios. Your name will be placed “in a hat” and we will draw a name at the beginning of the meeting. That person will be videoed by Steve as the demo.

Steven Goethner, owner of SoftKare, is an independent Macintosh consultant, Steve has been teaching, troubleshooting, networking, and offering database development since 1986. He works with his clients on a one-on-one basis and has helped hundreds of small business owners navigate through today’s complex digital challenges.

In 2012, he introduced a new service to help local businesses get to the top of Google’s organic search using keywords and video. He believes that video is still an untapped resource. When done properly, video can be a vital link in your marketing program.

The meeting starts at 9AM with networking, followed by a welcome and each attendee giving their 30 second elevator speech, followed by our speaker, more networking, and ends at 10:30. It takes place at the Wilton Library, in the President’s Room on the second floor. The library is located at 137 Old Ridgefield Road in Wilton Center, just off Route 7.  There is no admission charge, however a $5 donation will help cover the room rental expense.  You are welcome to bring in coffee or other refreshments, there is a Starbucks and Steve’s Bagels nearby.



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