FINE Meeting – February 16th – “Roundtable on New Ideas for 2012”

10 02 2012

The February meeting of FINE Business Networking will be an opportunity for everyone to participate and to benefit from hearing about what others are doing to grow their business in 2012. We will go around the room and those who want to share an idea and get feedback from the group will have the opportunity to do so. Bette Lynn and I will moderate the roundtable and would like to know in advance if there is something you would like to share. It will help us prepare and make sure the roundtable is effective. 

We will also spend some time talking about the future of FINE. The Playhouse has raised the room rental fee so we are looking for a new location and considering changing the time and day. We would be interested in your thoughts. Note that we will be meeting in the Smilow Lounge, on the second floor of the playhouse.

Joe Terbell, an experienced professional college counselor will be our coffee sponsor. He will introduce his new business College Steps.

 Hope to see you there.

 Ed and Bette Lynn  



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