One–Stop Shop for Tech Entrepreneurs at CTech IncUBator in Bridgeport

4 05 2011

Gad Selig, our speaker in April, told us about the impressive extent of assistance offered to start-ups at the CTech Incubator at UB. He asked that we help spread the word and make FINE members, who may be able to benefit, aware of the offerings and the space available to full and part time tenants.   


The CTech IncUBator@University of Bridgeport is an ideal home base for technology-oriented entrepreneurs in Fairfield County. Here they will receive assistance to accelerate the growth of their companies. Tenants benefit from:

 ·Pro bono and discounted business advice.

·Access to University of Bridgeport research facilities, faculty and student interns.

·Introduction to potential investors.

·Brown Bag lunch seminars on site.

·An entrepreneurial community where entrepreneurs can share ideas and solutions.

·Shared support services.

·Favorable rent rates.

The CTech IncUBator@University of Bridgeport, located at 250 Myrtle Avenue, is already home to three entrepreneurial ventures. There is space for two additional full-time tenants as well as 3-4 part-time tenants, or “associate members.”

We invite you to come meet the CTech IncUbator team at one of the upcoming, free Brown Bag seminars at UB:

May 17: “What you Need to Know about Valuing your Early Stage Company”

June 21: “Identifying, Protecting, & Maximizing the Value of Intellectual Property”

Did you know…?

Did you know that a UB School of Engineering assistant professor developed a patented technique that is incorporated into wireless capsule endoscopy reader software, such as MicroCamâ .This technique helps process images of the digestive system as a physician examines the small intestine. Did you know that a UB professor invented what is now General Electric’s electric blanket? These and other innovations have emerged from UB School of Engineering’s 12 research centers and laboratories. .

To learn more about CTech IncUBator@University of Bridgeport, please contact:

Dr. Gad J. Selig, PMP, COP 
Associate Dean, Business Development 
University of Bridgeport Connecticut Innovations
(203) 576-4870 or




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