Mary-Jane Foster Hits a Home Run!

26 01 2011

Mary-Jane Foster, co-founder, former owner and CEO of the Bridgeport Bluefish and current VP of University Relations for the University of Bridgeport impressed the crowd at the FINE meeting last Thursday.

Ms. Foster talked about forming an investment/development company with her partners that resulted in the ballpark, arena and economic development in Bridgeport and about UB’s contribution to the economy in Bridgeport.

Comments from attendees included – “I was inspired by her determination and hard work to revitalize the economy of the City of Bridgeport”,  “She gave us a lesson in what can be achieved by the private sector working together with the public sector for a common goal.”

Ms. Foster pointed out the retail and residential development taking place downtown and encouraged us to take advantage of all that Bridgeport has to offer ….  special events and entertainment at the Arena at Harbor Yard and at UB, specifically mentioning the screening of  THREAD this coming Thursday and some great restaurants. 

She also talked about the economic contribution of UB students, in particular the large number of foreign students and the diversity they offer, as well as the start-up business development efforts being supported at the CTech Incubator at UB.

It was nice hearing something about baseball with all the snow on the ground outside. The suggestion was made that we just might do a FINE outing at a Bridgeport Bluefish game this summer.    

Thanks to Bette Lynn Paez for providing the coffee and baking her yummy lemon-blueberry poundcake (see below).

As the coffee sponsor, Bette Lynn got extra time to do her introduction and talked about joining Sammons Securities Company where she will be doing comprehensive financial planning and providing consulting services on an hourly basis for situations such as evaluating job offers or mortgage financing alternatives.

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