Great Ideas from Rosann Levy, The Roart Group

24 06 2010

I think it’s fair to say we all learned something from Rosann’s talk that we can bring back to our businesses and put into action. Rosann sent me a copy of her presentation which I converted from PPT to a PDF, however there were a few things that didn’t translate, but I think there’s enough that did to make it worthwhile to look at.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Be sure to follow the schedule of Rosann’s new networking group on MeetUp. I’m signing up for next Monday at Harbor Lights in Norwalk.  

Next month’s topic for FINE is “Business Continuity Planning”, preparing for what to do when your business is interrupted in some way; storm, power outage, computer crash, disaster, etc. I’m sure there are some people in Bridgeport right now, wishing they had a plan. The storm, tornado or whatever it was ripped through this afternoon and a state of emergency was declared. And here in Westport, a few miles away, all is well.    

Thanks to ActionCOACH for supplying the coffee and to Josh Slavitt for staying within the 3 minute allotted time (almost to the second) to talk about their business. 🙂



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