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4 02 2010

We’ve been contacted a couple of times in the past few weeks about job openings. So we decided to post them here on the blog for those who may be in transition and looking, might know someone who would be interested or be interested yourself. 

Territory Sales Manager, AdmorEyes LLC:

“Over the next couple of months, we will be hiring  Territory Sales Managers throughout CT.  Prior sales experience is desired.  We are currently interviewing to fill these positions, send resumes to

AdmorEyes LLC, Connecticut’s Small Business Directory provides advertising, marketing and networking tools which help small businesses get exposure, recognition, and connections throughout Connecticut via a printed directory, events, and introductions. Victoria Hughes, AdmorEyes, LLC

US Census:

The U.S. Census is actively recruiting temporary part time staff in our area of Fairfield County.  The work may last a few months and the pay for enumerators is around $22 an hour.  Anyone eighteen years of age and older, having a social security number and able to provide positive identification is invited to sit for a test.  Those passing the test may be called on for temporary employment depending on the needs of the Census Bureau in the community the applicant lives in. 

The telephone number to call in order to find the next test site is:  1-866-861-2010. I thank you in advance for any consideration you might be able to offer. More info at the US Census Job Site.

With kind regards, John Prenderville



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