Branding at the Next FINE Networking Meeting – Oct. 15 – Westport Playhouse

23 09 2009

Our next meeting is October 15, 9AM, at the Westport Country Playhouse.

Our speaker is Tracie Valentino, of TracieDesigns,  She will talk about “Branding your Business”.  Here’s a bit about what she will say – “A powerful brand does wonders for business—even in this economy. What does your brand say about your business? In this discussion, learn how to brand yourself across a variety of mediums, including social networking.”

I think branding is somewhat of a mystery to people. We know the big companies do it, but maybe don’t understand what it can do for all os us that are out there on our own. I know I can benefit from knowing more about it. 

With the advent of social media on the Web, it’s more important than ever to get the right message across. How are you branding your business? What does your brand say about you? 

According to Tracie, a brand is not a logo, unless it is on a cow. 🙂 However, a logo is very much part of a brand. As is a business card, advertising, packaging, even something as insignificant as an email signature. A brand is the perception that all of these things, and more, give an audience about your company.

Tracie has been in graphic design for over 12 years. Her tasteful designs and strong work ethic have always been well-received by clients, resulting in a majority of her business coming from word-of-mouth. Her branding work has been recognized by the Connecticut Art Directors Club, as well as Graphic Design: USA magazine, a leading publication among the creative community. Tracie can be found at

Hope to see you there.




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