7/16 Meeting Topic – “What do you think the second half is going to bring for you and your business?”

1 07 2009

I am happy to announce the topic of our next meeting, July 16th, 9AM, at the Westport Country Playhouse (not the Library). Everyone will have the opportunity to participate and share with others how they would answer the question of “What do you think the second half is going to bring for you and your business?”. 

The format will be a roundtable similar to our April meeting about the economy, which was very well received. Bette Lynn Paez, John Mocker and/or I will moderate and help keep the discussion going.

This will be the first time in the recent past that FINE has met during the summer. We all felt it was important in these times to provide a forum for everyone to keep in touch. 

As usual, there will be time to network before and after the meeting and we will go around the room so everyone has a chance to briefly introduce themselves by giving their “30 second” elevator pitch.

We will also spend a few minutes on a “LinkedIn Followup” to see how those who were at the last meeting, when Jan Wallen spoke, are doing on using LinkedIn.    

Hope to see you there.





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