“Roundtable on Ideas for Surviving and Maybe Even Thriving in 2009”

28 03 2009

Would you like to hear what others are doing to survive and maybe even thrive in 2009?

The program for the next FINE meeting is a roundtable discussion where each attendee will have the opportunity to talk about how the recession is affecting their business and the one most important thing they are doing to address it this year. This will be an opportunity to learn and share ideas.

The meeting takes place on Thursday, April 16th, at the Westport Public Library. It starts at 9AM with networking and introductions, followed by the roundtable discussion, then additional time to network and concludes by 11AM. The meeting is open to the public.

March Meeting Recap – Westport Library is a Great Resource

20 03 2009

The March meeting turned out to be informative for both business owners and job seekers. Many of the information sources apply to both. It came across as clear that there is value in making a stop at the library and getting some guidance from the reference librarians.

Both Sylvia Schulman, Business Librarian, and Marjorie Freilich-Den, Reference Librarian, did a great job of explaining what’s available and showing us how to navigate some of the sites. 

It was good to be back at the library, FINE’s only home for many years. Attendance was about 25, of which there a number of new faces.


The topic of April’s meeting is “Roundtable on Ideas for Surviving and Maybe Even Thriving in 2009”. This was the topic that was planned for January when we got snowed out.  Numerous people had asked me to reschedule it and this is the first opening we’ve had.

Look forward to future meetings on social networking and the various Web 2.0 technologies. LinkedIn came up in yesterday’s meeting several times from people who have tried it, heard about it, are wondering how to use it. There was a concensus that there’s a need to know how to apply these technologies in the new world of business.

For more info about the library, go to www.westportlibrary.org.

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